1.5. Exceptions

exception acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

Bases: Exception

Base exception call to be able to catch all ACMEMS specific errors

exception acmems.exceptions.NoChallengeMethodsSupported

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The domain can not be validated HTTP01

exception acmems.exceptions.ChallengeFailed(domain, message, challenge_uri)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The challenge to validate the requested domain failed.

  • domain (str) – the domain which the challenge should validate
  • message (str) – message description from ACME server
  • challenge_uri (str) – the URI of the failed challenge
exception acmems.exceptions.ChallengesUnknownStatus

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

We do not known the status of the challenge. No clue what to do

exception acmems.exceptions.AuthorizationNotYetProcessed(wait_until)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The authorization is be processed; until the next refresh it should at least be wait until wait_until

Variables:wait_until (datetime.datetime) – first allowed retry time
exception acmems.exceptions.AuthorizationNotYetRequested(event)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The newly created authorization challenge, was installed, but has not yet been requested by any client and is therefore currently pending or invalid.

Variables:event (threading.Event) – event that will be signaled if someone requests the challenge.
exception acmems.exceptions.RateLimited

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

To many requests

exception acmems.exceptions.AccountError

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

Generic account error - e.g. - could not read private key - could not refresh the registration

exception acmems.exceptions.NeedToAgreeToTOS(url)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AccountError

We are registered at the ACME server. But to use it, we need to accept the “Terms of Service”

exception acmems.exceptions.InvalidDomainName(domain, detail)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The domain name is not excepted by the ACME server.

  • domain (str) – the domain that was rejected
  • detail (str) – the reject reason as string
exception acmems.exceptions.PayloadToLarge(size, allowed)

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The payload (CSR) it to large

  • size (int) – the request size to upload (in bytes)
  • allowed (int) – the maximal size in bytes
exception acmems.exceptions.PayloadInvalid

Bases: acmems.exceptions.AcmeException

The payload is not a valid CSR