1.3. Authentication & Processing

class acmems.auth.SubjectAltName(componentType=None, tagSet=None, subtypeSpec=None, sizeSpec=None)

Bases: ndg.httpsclient.subj_alt_name.SubjectAltName

ASN.1 implementation for subjectAltNames support

class acmems.auth.IPAuthMethod(ips=None)

Bases: object

Autentication by source IP

class acmems.auth.HmacAuthMethod

Bases: object

Authentication by HMAC / secret key

class acmems.auth.AllAuthMethod

Bases: object

Allow all authentication

class acmems.auth.Block(name, options, config)

Bases: object

One authentication block - combination of authentications and list of allowed domains

class acmems.auth.Processor(auth, client_address, headers, rfile)

Bases: object

Helper object to process a request, check authentication, reads and parse CSR


process the given request parameter for a CSR signing request and decide whether this request is allowed or not.

  • str (client_ip) – The source IP of the client (TCP level)
  • headers (dict) – The request header
  • get_body (callable) – function to read in body (CSR)
Return bool:

whether request should be accepted