2. ChangeLog

This page lists all versions with its changes. ACMEMS follows Semantic Versioning.

2.1. Version 0

2.1.1. v0.3.1

Multiple bug fixes:

  • Fix auth-block specific storage and verification settings
  • IOError when replace certification in file storage
  • Fix typos in dns01-dnsUpdate verification

2.1.2. v0.3.0

(Experimental) support for DNS challenges

2.1.3. v0.2.0

Reaching base architecture for 1.0 release. This includes:

  • Restucture code and! config to support multiple verification mechanism
  • WIP: experiment / prepare for dns01 challenge support (via dns updates)
  • add storage support to not reissue CSRs the same pem, supporting reissue from multiple machines via a once shared key and CSR
  • support newer python-acme releases

2.1.4. v0.1.1

  • Fix syntax error in setup.py, preventing to upload to PyPI

2.1.5. v0.1.0

Implement basic feature set:

  • submit CSR
  • validate domain via HTTP
  • sign certificate
  • authenticate clients based on IP and HMAC